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Unfortunately all content is not available as internet play. The earlier journalist job contracts only covered cable tv broadcasting. The clips that are not available on internet may still be watched on demand in the cable network.

Some on demand videos may contain strong language and other material that is not suited for everybody.

  • Imekaamunaa_oubs2004

    Imekää munaa

    Duration: 00:00:11 Published: 4.02.2004 (over 11 years ago)
    Älkää syökö kanaa!
    Authors: Mikko Jouhtio, Jaakko Häme
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  • Makiautoilua_oubs2005

    Mäkiautoilua Otaniemessä

    Duration: 00:03:04 Published: 29.09.2005 (almost 10 years ago)
    Mäkiautokisat vesitorninmäellä.
    Authors: Juuso Myrttinen, Pertti Nykänen
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  • Joulukalenteriruutu5_oubs2007

    OUBS Joulukalenteri, ruutu 5

    Duration: 00:00:29 Published: 4.12.2007 (over 7 years ago)
    Hämärästi sinun.
    Authors: Maria Viitanen, Marja Ruuska
    Comments: 1
  • Laserpoint08_oubs2008

    Laserpoint 2008

    Duration: 00:01:24 Published: 24.04.2008 (over 7 years ago)
    Laserpoint 2008
    Authors: Harri Häivälä, Markku Antikainen
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  • Sikspeksi_oubs2007

    SIKin fuksispeksi 2007

    Duration: 00:06:53 Published: 3.05.2007 (over 8 years ago)
    Fuksispeksissä toiseksi sijoittunut SIK. TÄÄ ON SUOSIKKINNE NAPAYHDEKSÄN o/
    Authors: Laura Konsti
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  • Heijastuksia_oubs2005


    Duration: 00:03:36 Published: 10.03.2005 (over 10 years ago)
    Digitaalisia installaatioita T-talolla.
    Authors: Johannes Aalto, Topi Sikanen
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  • Slicksandslidetytot_oubs2009

    Slicks n Slide tytöt

    Duration: 00:00:25 Published: 20.08.2009 (about 6 years ago)
    Slicks 'n Slide tytöt lähettää terveiset Otaniemeen. Kuvattu Assembly 09 tapahtumassa.
    Authors: Heikki Lindroos, Martti Koskela
    Comments: 1
  • Mafia7_oubs2003

    Mafia: osa 7 - Porno

    Duration: 00:03:58 Published: 13.11.2003 (almost 12 years ago)
    Mafia päättää löyttäytyä aikuisviihdekauppaan mukaan, mutta törmäänkin yllättävään ongelmaan...
    Authors: Emma Nurmi, Mikko Jouhtio, Pertti Nykänen, Jaakko Siiskonen
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  • Suomisketsi_oubs2008

    Finnish silence

    Duration: 00:01:31 Published: 21.02.2008 (over 7 years ago)
    Understanding Finnish culture.
    Authors: Harri Häivälä, Maria Viitanen, Marja Ruuska, Markku Antikainen, Ville Ilmonen
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  • Aiesecleadingchange2010_oubs2010

    AIESEC Leading Change 2010

    Duration: 01:39:57 Published: 26.09.2010 (almost 5 years ago)
    AIESEC sustainable leafership, self and organizational perspectives. Speakers: Lauri Toivonen, Christopher Evatt and Elisabeth Rehn
    Authors: Mikko Törrönen, Sami Reinikainen
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What is OUBS?

Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting System was founded in 1983 as the cable-tv channel of Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology (TKY) (later Aalto University Student Union (AYY)).

In addition to broadcasting 24h in Otaniemi cable network, all content is available on the website. OUBS had a staff of seven people working in the basement of Jämeräntaival 1. The studio and edition facilities were located in the same address with the dorm housing.

AYY replaced OUBS with Student Media Aate on the 31.5.2011. Aate operated only for less than two years before it got closed as well. Now OUBS ry continues from where Aate left off.

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